Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Model Inspired 4th Birthday Party

Specially for a little lady turning four.  This party was everything a little lady girl wanted....pink...some more pink.... a crown....high heel cupcakes....edible jewellery and sweets for the entire modelling community!  The silhouette background display was perfect to portray little Megan's love for modelling. Tiny suitcases were on display filled with musk sweets, packed and ready to go to the fashion show!

High heel cupcakes:  Designer Cakes - Annette Wall
Sweets:  Organizit Party Styling
Cake:  Honeyzzoom Events - Anneke Kruger
Photography:  Malitzak Photography
Party Styling & Design:  Organizit Party Styling
Printing:  Franic

Monday, 23 July 2012

Candyland 1st Birthday Party

I love planning colourful parties as there is so much one can do!  This birthday was for Codey who turned one years old.  We had personalised cupcakes on the table, popcorn, chocolate bars, meringues filled with smarties, candy sticks, toffee apples, jelly beans and LOTS of different candy! Ribbon hung in front of the table to add to the theme. Credit goes to the mommy who had bags made filled with goodies for each child to take home. Different craft stations were put up to keep the kids entertained as well as a jumping castle and kiddies rides.  Although the weather was bad outside, that did not bother the kids. Needless to say, the kids had a ball!!


Candy Gumball Machine – DIY Party Idea
by Amy - Living Locurto

craft ideas ever! birthday party or baby shower, this craft is perfect for a dessert table or party favors. They are made with a plastic ornament and so so easy!
I made Candy Gumball Machine Party Favors this week. These are definitely one of my most favorite fun food
Whether you’re having a
What you’ll need to make a Candy Gumball Machine:
  • Clear Plastic Ornament Ball (I found mine at Michaels)
  • Paper cups
  • Mini M&M’s, Sixlets or small gumballs
  • Tape
  • Black Sharpie
  • Embellishments
Pull out the top of the ornament. Wrap a piece of paper into a funnel to pour candy into the ornament. Cover the opening with tape. I used duct tape. Like the zebra print?

Punch a hole in the bottom of the cup with a pen, push your finger through to make a larger hole.
Place the ornament full of candy in the cup.

Draw the pretend opening for the gumballs and add embellishments if you have them.

I put a small round gem sticker on the top as well as the front. For an easy 5 minute craft, I think they turned out super cute!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Birds & Bees Babyshower

Birds & Bees Babyshower

I was fortunate to plan my sister's babyshower recently.  We (my mom and I) decided on a "birds&bees" theme since it suited the occassion perfectly.  Since she is expecting a girl, we decorated the tables in pink, white and black.  We sprayed typing boxes black and had stickers made to spell out the name of their baby.  She will be able to use this as storage when the baby is born.  We had a "bees" and "birds" table - each decorated according to the theme.  Eats & treats were presented as either bird's food or bees'.  The guests' tables were decorated with small trees we sprayed white with paper birds and crystals.  Favours were chocolate coated coloured eggs, presented as an "egg-in-the-nest".  We left little bee bags on the tables for the guests to take some treats home.  The "mommy to bee" had a lovely time and felt so special!!  We accomplished what we wanted:-)

Venue:  The Chameleon, Kirkwood
Food:  The Chameleon
Sweet treats:  Issie Nel
Photography:  Carla van Dyk Photography
Styling:  Organizit Party Styling