Thursday, 16 August 2012

First Birthday Parties Ideas

When having a first birthday party, it's better to have a theme that is not connected to a cartoon character as your little one might decide on a specific one as he/she grows up. It might put you in a difficult spot if you have a Mickey Mouse party when he's one and when he is three he insists on having the same! Of course it would be another story if you don't mind planning the same party.  You can always add a twist to it then!

Nevertheless, I have listed some inspirational ideas to spark that awesome theme idea of yours just waiting to make its appearance! Enjoy!

For the girls, why not have an ice-cream party!  It's perfect for the summer ahead and so many options you can decorate. You can use different colours, even if you want to have it for boys. As for keeping the kids busy, they can all decorate their own ice-creams!

For spring you can have a garden party, for a boy or girl! The ideas are endless and the colours are fresh! If you don't want to have a garden party, make pin-wheels the focus of your party! It's so easy to make and the kids would love it!

If you love something girly, a ballerina party stays a favourite. Again, you can add different colours to make it really special for that adorable little one of yours!

For the boys you can have a train inspired birthday party! Also, soooo many colours to choose from!

This one is really inspirational I would say. Although this is a monopoly party, you can choose any game theme you like! What a nice way of displaying a game kids enjoy and making a party out of it! Needless to say, they can keep busy by playing these games at the party!

Last but (by far) not the least, this nautical dessert table is ADORABLE!! I love this idea for a boy's party!! The boys can each make their own hat and add a scarf to it to finish off the look!

I hope this inspired you! I will add more on a later date! Happy planning!

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